Clearing Your House After The Kids Have Left Home

Whether you can’t wait to reclaim your home after your kids have flown the nest or their departure is a little bittersweet, this is the best time to make your home your own again!

Perhaps you’d like a fancy guest bedroom or a cosy den to relax in? It could be the time to make the most of your new found peace! Or perhaps you would like to pursue a new hobby or interest such as crafting or setting up a home gym!

As much as we know you love your children, that doesn’t mean you need to hold on to their unwanted toys or knick-knacks!It’s unlikely that 20 years of memories can all make it into the household rubbish so the chances are you may need to hire a skip.

Take a look at Hintons Waste infographic for more help on how to take on this massive house clearance task.

Source: Hinton’s Waste

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