Comprehensive College Packing List

When you move to your college dorm, you need a number of essentials so we’ve created this definitive and comprehensive college packing list of 400 items that you will want to bring to college.

College Packing List – The Key Sections

The list can be divided into different sections like room, bedding, bathroom, toiletries, clothing, school supplies, food, laundry, tech, medical, documents, kitchen supplies, bike/car, miscellaneous, and other supplies. As seen in the infographic, the items under the section are sub-divided into ‘must have’ meaning they are top priority and are very important and ‘good to have’ which means they provide pleasure and is not very necessary. We hope you found the information in this infographic useful. To host the infographic on your website or blog, please get in touch with EducareLAB.

college packing list infographic

Source: EducareLAB


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