Different Types of Tyres

You would think tyres are just tyres. But you will be wrong. There are different types available for all sorts of needs. You can have tyres fitted to suit the change in climate or tyres that can withstand a puncture. The infographic from Watling Tyres shows the 8 popular tyres.

One of the most popular tyres around are the summer and winter tyres. They do exactly what they say. Summer perform well in 7℃ and over. They can also perform in wet conditions. So just in case the summer months have rain you don’t have to swap your tyres for wet ones. Places where countries have very cold weather and sold, they swap their summer tyres with winters. It keeps them safe when driving in icy conditions. There are many manufactures that make all season tyres. Again this name is self explanatory. They perform well in a range of temperatures and climates.

Source: Watling Tyres

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