Does my Windscreen need Repairing or Replacing?

If your car’s windscreen has damage then you would think that you have to replace the whole of the windscreen. However this may not be the case. There are many factors to think about. In a lot of circumstances your windscreen will not need to be replaced. If it doesn’t need to be replaced it can be repaired by a windscreen engineer. If your windscreen does need replacing then an experience engineer can arrive at your destination.

How is a New Windscreen Fitted?

Engineers can use their technical knowledge and experience to remove the existing windscreen. They will then fit the new windscreen with ease. The engineer will add a special glue which will bond the windscreen glass to the car. Based on their knowledge and experience, the engineers at Motorway Windscreen have created this infographic so you can see if your car needs a windscreen repair or a replacement.

Does my Windscreen need Repairing or Replacing? infographic

Source: Motorway Windscreen

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