Flood Risk Areas of Scotland

Flooding is a very real risk in many areas of Scotland. With its variety of rivers running through, river flooding is a prominent issue for quite a few towns and cities. For those in coastal areas, floods from the sea can also occur. Finally, even places which don’t fit into either of these categories may still be susceptible to some form of surface flooding.

flood risk areas of Scotland infographic

There are many consequences of a flood hitting your residential or commercial property. The realities of evacuation and having to call in professional flood damage repair and restoration companies like CleanSafe need to be considered if you live in a flood risk area, so that you are prepared for emergencies.

The infographic aboce covers a range of different towns and cities in Scotland, including Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow. Some places are only vulnerable to only one type of flood risk – Livingston, for example, only has a substantial risk from river flooding – but others like Perth are susceptible to all three – river, surface and coastal flooding.

Source: CleanSafe Services

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