How to Improve Employee Relations

Employee relations refers to the relationship between a company’s employers and employees. The benefits of positive employee relations are many and include a high level of productivity, loyalty and motivation. In this article we are using the information in the infographic below shared by myhrtoolkit to suggest on how to improve employee relations as well as explaining the benefits of doing so.

employee relations infographic

Many thanks to Murad S. Mirza for the excellent advice portrayed in this graphic.

8 Tips for Improving Employee Relations

Cultivate Respect – Treat employees with dignity and respect.

Encourage Openness – Encourage feedback and take appropriate action based on it.

Communicate – Communicate openly and honestly with employees to combat confusion and resentment.

Give Kudos – Give credit and recognition for good work, professionalism and positive attitude.

Provide Support – Give support to your employees with encouragement and incentives as well as ensuring they have the necessary resources to work to a high level.

Trust – Believe in your employees and show trust through empowerment.

Align – Sync individual goals, team objectives and organisational imperatives.

Rejuvenate –  Run engaging activities to reinforce positive relationships. Team building exercises, work social events and similar activities are a consideration.

The Benefits of Strong Employee Relations

So we’ve covered tips for improving employee relations but why bother? What are the benefits to a positive relationship between employers and employees?

High Productivity Levels – A positive relationship can contribute towards a pleasant working atmosphere and boost morale. This can lead to increased productivity and, therefore, profits.

Loyalty & Retention –  A positive workplace can lead to lower staff turnover as employees develop loyalty to the company they work for.  As a result, top talent is retained and recruitment costs are reduced.

Less Conflict – With strong commutation, mutual trust and the provision of support, conflict is less common and more easily resolved. This is ties back in with higher morale and productivity.

Company Image – Being known as a good company to work for can be benefit a company’s overall image and branding.


We hope this article has given you ideas on how to improve employee relations in your business or organisation. Whilst an employee relations program or strategy may seem time consuming and expensive, the increased productivity, reduced recruitment costs and improved company image can far out-way any potential setbacks.

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