How Your Small Business Can Grow With Geo-Fencing

A large number of successful business owners are not aware of the ways in which their companies can benefit from geo-fencing. This virtual barrier represents state-of-the-art software feature that that uses GPS and RFID to define geographical boundaries. The following infographic provides you with a clear and concise definition of geo-fencing and a list of techniques that can be most appropriate for you. Whether you are running a restaurant, coffee shop, dry-cleaning, or on the other hand a law firm or a real-estate agency, geo-fencing can be your most reliable partner in attracting prospect customers. What is the right size of the radius of your main geofence, where should you set it up and how many notifications is just too many? Check out the infographic and find out!

How Your Small Business Can Grow With Geo-Fencing infographic

Source: Bizness Apps

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