How To Maximise Your Storage Unit Space

Are you about to rent out a storage unit? You’ll want to get the smallest unit you possibly can while still being able to safely fit all of your stuff in it. This infographic provides advice on how to fit more into a storage room or container, employing methods such as fully utilising the wall space and ceiling height, using vacuum storage bags to pack in bedding and clothes, and separating layers of same-sized boxes with plywood boards, helping to distribute the weight properly and keep it all sturdy.

You’ll also want to plan out a strategy first before mindlessly throwing your stuff into the unit – for example, putting your sturdier and heavier items on the bottom is wise to avoid things collapsing or getting damaged, and if you’ve ever seen the analogy of putting big rocks in a jar before pouring in the sand, you’ll understand the importance of packing in your larger belongings first before filling in the gaps with all of the smaller items.

How To Maximise Your Storage Unit Space infographic

Source: Vanguard Self Storage

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