Places to Visit in Milan

If you’ve been to Milan you’re likely to agree that there’s plenty of interesting places to visit and fun things to do. And anyone who is going to visit this fascinating city, will most likely find the following infographic useful. The graphic highlights some of the best places to visit in Milan and gives useful information such as costs, opening times and review scores.

places to visit in Milan infographic

Why Visit Milan?

Let’s see. Milan has about 50 churches and museums that can fulfill your desire to enjoy beautiful city architecture.

Additionally, 20 basilicas are some of the attractions of Milan that attract up to 6 million tourists annually. We know that it’s quite difficult to visit all interesting places in a limited time, especially in such a great city like Milan. That is why we decided to collect and display the best places to visit in Milan. The suggestions have been selected by some of the most reliable and well-known travel services.

Also here you will find opening hours, entrance fees and addresses. We hope you find this ‘must visit and to do list’ informative and useful.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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