Preventing Car, Bus & Lorry Fires

Being trapped in a car fire is most certainly a frightening concept but even if you’re not caught in a vehicle fire, the damage can be very costly financially. The infographic below, courtesy of Fireward, thoroughly covers the subject of vehicle fires including how they can start, what the consequences of them are and what can be done to prevent them. When you know how to reduce the risk of a fire starting, you can take the appropriate measures to protect your life and your assets. Here is how Fireward suggests you¬†prevent a fire in your car or other vehicle:

  • Ensure that your vehicle is well maintained
  • Ensure that your vehicle¬†is secure
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on board
  • Install a fire suppression system to ensure fires are put out as they start


For more information, be sure to read the full infographic below.

preventing car bus and lorry fires infographic

Source: Fireward

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