10 Types of Roof Designs & Style

In any city around the world there are hundreds of buildings. There are houses, skyscrapers, apartment buildings all around the city. Each of these buildings have a roof for protection from the weather and the cold. Over time roofs haven’t just been there for protection. They are there is stand out and become a landmark in a city. World famous landmarks include Grand Palace in Bangkok, Sydney Opera House in Australia and the Red Tiled Houses of the Old Town in Dubrovnik in Croatia.

JTC Roofing have created an infographic listing different types of roof shapes and designs. The roof designs included in this infographic are Butterfly, Curved, Mansard, Box Gable, Dormer, Simple Hip, Flat, Dome, Gambrel and Jerkinhead roofs. These roof designs are popular around the world and you may notice these designs whilst you walk down the street.

roof designs infographic

Source: JTC Roofing

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