Types of Concrete

There are plenty of concrete types available. The main three are onsite mixed, ready mixed and volumetric concrete. There are also different types for different purposes. There are different strengths and gradings to suit the need of the job. The infographic created by iMix Concrete shows all the main concrete types. It includes strength and gradings. This is very important as the types of strengths and gradings can be used on different jobs.

Concrete strength is measured in newtons. In the graphic C8 concrete has a newton strength of 8N. That’s the weakest. This concrete is ideal for kerb backing and bedding. The highest in newton strength is C40 and that has a newton strength of 40 newtons. This can be used for many purposes including structural & industrial applications, Farms and HGV parks. HGV parks are heavy good vehicle parks. The concrete used needs to be very strong as it is dealing with heavy vehicles.

types of concrete infographic

Source: iMix Concrete

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