What Can a Bad Hire Cost Your Company?

Does your company struggle to hire the right employees? Devoting the time and energy necessary for finding the right candidate might be costly, but not nearly as costly as hiring the wrong candidate. Experienced managers know that it’s more than worth the extra effort to find the right person for the job the first time round. Bad hires can cost companies large amounts of money in lost revenue and reduced productivity. A bad hire can also affect the morale of the people around them and cost a lot of money with lost productivity. Check out the infographic below by Contemporary Staffing Solutions for some insightful data on how much a bad hire can cost your company.

Working with a professional staffing agency such as Contemporary Staffing Solutions is one way to make sure you hire the right people for positions within your organization.

What Can a Bad Hire Cost Your Company? infographic

Source: Contemporary Staffing Solutions

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