Gain Those Employee Engagement Benefits

High employee engagement comes with many benefits including improved productivity, reduced staff turnover and increased profits. But how do you gain those employee engagement benefits? myhrtoolkit have provided this infographic to answer that very question.

employee engagement benefits

As you can see, the infographic focuses on using social media to boost employee engagement. Here’s how it can be done:

Employee Training

It’s impossible to get the full benefits of social media within your organisation if your employees are unfamiliar with the platforms or don’t know how to use them. Employee training in using social media as well as educating employees on the benefits of it can make a real difference.

Get Your Leaders Involved

Getting leaders such as managers, directors and team leaders involved with social media is a great way of setting a good example to the rest of your staff. Leaders can be highly inspirational and influencial so get them involved to encourage other members of staff to follow suit. And remember, your leaders may need training too!

Recruit Social Media Champions

Identify, develop and encourage your biggest advocates of social media.

Listen and Apply

Use social media to learn what people are saying about your organisation. What do people like and what can be improved? How can you implement those improvements? Take particular note of reviews.

Lead By Example

Be a role model and get involved with social media yourself. After all, how can you expect people to believe in the benefits if you don’t invest the time in it yourself?

Source: myhrtoolkit

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